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Meet our Farmers

B.-d. Farm Paris Creek      Based in the beautiful Adelaide Hills of South Australia, B.-d. Farm Paris Creek is one of the nation’s finest producers of dairy products. Our range of milk, yogurt, quark, butter and handcrafted cheeses are made from the highest quality, premium, biodynamic milk.

At every stage of production, we avoid the use of homogenisation, artificial ingredients such as colours and flavours, or anything that would interfere with the quality promise of our products and we aim to provide the best possible health benefits for our organic-conscious customers.

Our point of difference starts in the soil, and continues in the seed production, herd management, and processing. There is nothing artificial in our land, our animals, or our product. No fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and GMO’s on the land, and no antibiotics or hormones on the animals.

Owning a totally biodynamic farm has been a life-time dream of both Ulli and Helmut Spranz, and they were both well qualified to follow that dream.
Ulli Spranz   In their home country of Germany, Helmut earned an Engineering Degree in Agriculture. And Ulli – a graphic designer – worked on different farms in Germany and Switzerland to gain practical experience.

In our opinion, food is one of the most important things in your life, along with air and water. Ulli and Helmut wanted to give their family a healthy lifestyle away from the city and aimed to produce the best quality, healthiest food possible. And in this, they wanted to make their products available to other families and consumers who value healthy, organic and natural dairy products.

The Spranz family migrated to Australia in 1998, hoping to find land that fit their vision. A year later, their dream was realised with the discovery of 170 perfect acres at Paris Creek, South Australia. Green meadows with flourishing herbs and flowers, bordered by forests amongst rolling hills, and the most beautiful valley with a pristine creek.
Cow and Calf   It was the perfect home of healthy cows enjoying their days under blue sunny skies, fresh rains and the occasional umbrella of rainbow – a combination which creates an essential well balanced environment. The land was more than beautiful – since the previous owners were environmentally aware, it was also free of chemicals.

This made it a prime location for good milk production. The business started producing a small quantity of milk for families that wanted to purchase from farm gate and local health food store, but demand for their biodynamic, unpasteurised and non-homogenised milk grew rapidly in South Australia.

On the back of that success, B.-d. Farm Paris Creek soon introduced quark and natural yoghurt to their range of products. They also grew their herd, purchased more land, and expanded their staff and manufacturing facilities. Sales eventually spread to all the mainland states of Australia, and the company even began exporting overseas.
Cheese Production   By 2001, the business expanded to include a new production plant, and in 2007 they evolved their product line to include flavoured milk and a creamier style of yogurt – called the Indulgence Range.

Those products proved to be successful with dairy industry judges, as well as consumers. A year later, Helmut and Ulli expanded again, building a state-of-the-art cheesery and introducing a range of French-style soft cheeses and European-style hard cheeses into their product line.

Over the years, B.-d. Farm Paris Creek has built up a loyal following of consumers, who include health-conscious families and individuals of all ages. Young and organic-minded consumers are consistently drawn to the brand, as are elderly buyers who “remember products as they used to be, before artificial ingredients and over processing” – and who recognise that quality in the award winning B.-d. Farm Paris Creek range of dairy products.
Cheese Storage   Today, we sell our products through a variety of channels, and to a variety of clients. We deal with selected independent supermarkets, smaller chains and Woolworths on a national level, work with Coles on a state level, and partner with distributors who operate across the country. B.-d. Farm Paris Creek also supplies to restaurants and cafes, and various export clients who we deal with both directly or through consolidators.

We also sells directly to small retail shops and farmers markets, particularly in South Australia and we highly value that smaller platform, as it gives us a direct connection to our end-user, which is useful for soliciting feedback and learning what customers are looking for in new products.
Yogurt Fans   One of our most recent achievements is the upgrade of our manufacturing plant to one of the most energy efficient companies in South Australia. B.-d. Farm Paris Creek is one of only a few companies that have received the Clean Energy Grant, which helped achieve this goal. The different components of this project are solar electricity, solar hot water and dramatically improved process efficiencies.

This is an extremely exciting step for us and we are looking forward to providing dairy products that can be consumed knowing, that they will well and truly be environmentally friendly, sustainable and be of the best health- quality possible – and at the same time, support dairy farmers directly.