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Gouda - the pride of the Dutchman and the "Gold of Holland" is one of the world's greatest cheeses, named after the city of Gouda in the Netherlands.

This cheese can be aged from a few weeks to 7 years and turns from light yellow to a deep golden colour. When fully matured, it develops a subtle aroma that could have a pungent underlying bitterness lingering at the back of your mouth - yet, it does not interfere with the pleasantness of its overall taste. Young Gouda is extremely pleasant on the tongue, it is mild but still has a rich aroma and is always creamy, even when aged.

It develops its characteristic small, needle head to pea size holes at an early stage in its maturation process. Gouda is a very versatile cheese that comes in a variety of ages as well as it can be flavoured with different ingredients such as Caraway seeds, Cumin seeds, Peppercorns, Chilli and more. All varieties of nuts and fruit go well with Gouda, but also savoury spreads (try with Vegemite) suit Gouda's versatile aroma.

Many people prefer a dry white wine or a light red wine with their Gouda.


Gold Medal Royal Sydney Show 2009
Silver Medal DIAA 2010
Silver Medal DIAA 2009



 Package Size (g)  200  
 Servings per  8  
 Energy (kJ)  1500  375
 Protein (g)  26.9  6.7
 Fat (g) total  28.2  7.1
 > Saturated (g)  18.7  4.7
 Carbohydrate (g)  <1  <0.25
> Sugar (g)  <1  <0.25
 Sodium (mg)  570  142.5


Fresh in-conversion biodynamic organic milk, salt, cultures, non-animal rennet.